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Blizzard Blue and Red Glass Icicle

Blizzard Blue and Red Glass Icicle

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A Blizzard of Blue and Red - a Glistening Glass Icicle! 
These beautiful Blizzard Blue and Red Glass Icicles are like taking a wintery stroll through the snow-capped mountains. With each glimmering glass icicle, you'll feel like you're in an enchanted world of sparkling beauty. Whether you hang them on your window or tree, these one-of-a-kind pieces will bring a touch of sparkle to any room! Let your imagination soar with these stunning Blizzard Blue and Red Glass Icicles! 

  • Illuminated beauty: When lit up in your home or on the tree, these exquisite pieces will bring winter dazzle to any room
  • Highly durable: Made from thick protective borosilicate glass that is resistant to impacts & thermal shock
  • Ensuring years of decorative use and enjoyment you can depend on on
  • Wherever shines best

Quality handmade Glass Icicle Christmas Ornaments are made from clear and colored borosilicate glass shaped and melted together in the flame of a torch at over 2000 degrees. After each piece is shaped and made they are placed in a kiln to be annealed, slowly cooling to remove any stress making the glass as strong as possible. I started making icicles over 10 years ago  when my mom requested them one year for her tree. Since then I have been exploring new techniques and colors over the years and continue to do so. I strive for perfection with each piece I make and fell in love with making them all year long.

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